31 Mar 2006

RACHMANINOV: Piano concerti nos. 1 and 2

This is a wonderful, recent recording of these popular piano concertos by Rachmaninov. The Piano concerto no. 1 is a studio recording, while the Piano concerto no. 2 is a live version.

Andsnes is an interesting interpreter of Rachmaninov’s piano concertos, and brings a vitality and freshness to the solo aspects of these works. But what is even more exciting about this recording, is that there is a bonus encore track available to anyone that purchases this CD. By going to the website http://www.andsnesrachmaninov.com, and inserting this CD into your computer drive, you get access to a secret area of the website that features a bonus track from Andsnes’s new solo CD named “Horizons,” where you can listen to his interpretation of Shostakovich’s Polka from L’age d’or. In addition, you get access to wallpaper for your computer and other goodies—something that made listening to this music even more refreshing and new. More recording companies should promo and feature their performers in this manner, as well as reward customers for buying their products.

Overall, this is an excellent recording featuring one of the newcomers in the piano repertoire.

Dr. Brad Eden
University of Nevada, Las Vegas